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Melmoth Travel aims to help you follow your special interest while travelling in company. Our guided tours are designed to show you exciting places and let you experience them as part of a group of like-minded people.

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Gay Tours

 Melmoth Travel’s gay holidays help you explore Europe in a group. Our gay tours show you exciting places and let you experience them in the company of people you can relax with.


A tour manager will escort each tour from departure airport to return and will join most optional excursions. You are invited to approach your tour manager for information and advice at any time during the trip.


Our debut programme is for men looking for short gay holidays in a city setting. We’ll be exploring the Eastern side of the continent where the towns are spectacular and often not well known in the UK.


In winter we will be organising longer breaks to Mediterranean destinations. These too focus on towns and cities, usually more than one. They last about a week and pack a lot of activity into the time.


Your tour manager or a local guide will accompany you on all excursions. We structure tours so that you choose how you spend your time. You can have a highly sociable party experience or dip in and out of the group at your pleasure.


Our gay tours all include flights, accommodation, breakfast, a local orientation tour and activities. We also include a visit to a popular gay venue, a bar or nightclub or even a theatre.


The tours offer additional excursions which you can bolt on when you book. However there is also the option of exploring on your own or with a friend. Our guide will always be on hand with information and directions.


Some of our holidays take in the major pride events of Eastern Europe. These are great opportunities to meet some of the friendliest and gay-friendliest people on the continent.


Our 2018/19 programme reflects our core values: We aim to take the best possible care of our customers both as individuals and as part of a group and to strengthen ties with our European friends.

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